The Truth

from by The Motet


The Truth

It’s getting cold, but I know the heat’s on blast
Picking up the scent, you’re smoking another stash
If you want to run, well darlin' that’s alright
I woke up your man, but I might not be tonight,
you gotta...

The whole truth, and nothing but it baby
Cause I ain’t got time to play
You and me might disagree, but I need some honest-ay
(I been) trying to find, some peace of mind
But today just ain’t my day
I’m seeing the sign that you been lying
And this is what I gotta say

You’ve got show me that you want it, you want it
A path of love you know I’m on it, I’m on it
There’s a, place for you to walk along it, along it
You gotta, tell me the truth, or get off it

Chorus… Horns…

I WANT IT You know I deserve it baby!
DO YOU WANT IT I hope you want it for yourself

Horn Solo…

I can’t stand it baby
The way that you deceive
And I can’t believe the nasty lies
You keep on feeding me 

If you got to run child,
Then go and run away
You know I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can't 
Stay and be your fool for another day

I want it, What you’re thinking of
I’m on it, A path of truth and love
I need it, I keep asking why 
Believe it, I can’t say goodbye

I want it, Do you want me to stay
I’m on it, Or do you want to run away
I need it, You gotta make me see
Believe it, Make me believe

Make me believe



from Totem, released July 8, 2016
Written by: Jans Ingber, Lyle Divinsky



all rights reserved


The Motet Denver, Colorado

After 12 years of touring The Motet have refined their vision into a dynamic and expressive force that has come together with an astonishingly talented cast of musicians. The group is now the strongest and most cohesive incarnation of the band yet showcasing a powerhouse line-up. With roots in
funk, afrobeat, disco, jazz, and soul, The Motet and this CD keeps their audiences in a dancing frenzy.
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