Know It Too Well

from by The Motet


Know It Too Well

There’s nothing I can say to change you
You made your mind up long befo’
Don’t matter what comes up its steady going down
Holding on when we should just let go

We keep on talking, about the things we’re doing
I see you stressing, about the way it’s moving
I hear you cussing, you got fire in your veins
We keep on trying, but it’s far from the same

(We) Know it too well

We did it dirty, now it’s far from clean
But we can’t mend a broken dream
Lost and sinking but not knowing when to bail
When there ain’t no wind that’s filling up our sail

Pre… Chorus…

What can we do with all this mess?
And what’s the use of all this stress?
Uncertain of tomorrow & clutching to the past
But not everything is meant to last


from Totem, released July 8, 2016
Written by: Eric Krasno, Lyle Divinsky



all rights reserved


The Motet Denver, Colorado

After 12 years of touring The Motet have refined their vision into a dynamic and expressive force that has come together with an astonishingly talented cast of musicians. The group is now the strongest and most cohesive incarnation of the band yet showcasing a powerhouse line-up. With roots in
funk, afrobeat, disco, jazz, and soul, The Motet and this CD keeps their audiences in a dancing frenzy.
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